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A combination of nature and architecture creates a harmonious exterior space that invites you to go outside and enjoy the elements of beauty. 


The shadows produced by the existing tree canopies and a peaceful garden complements the exterior and interior spaces of this family house. 

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The sense of landscape is further explored in the verticality aspects of the house creating several gardens with good-looking exterior spaces.

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The main leading force of the design was the corner condition of the lot in which creates asymmetrical spaces that invites you to go inside/outside. The plants are  located to open up spaces and to serve as a green corridor on the front that surrounds the pool area on the back.

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The existing topography conditions and the asymmetrical shape of the site dictated the distinctive landscape environments throughout the property. 

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The landscape design was influenced by the elongated site and its view to the ocean bay. The plants are carefully selected to complement the terrain and use it as a transition space between the house and the ocean.

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A combination of tropical and European landscape gave this house a unique experience with harmonious spaces that invites you to go out and interact with nature. 

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There is a beauty in changing the materiality in the surfaces in which we walk on. In this project, gravel is explored not only as the main exterior surface but also as a frame to create landscape arrangement and to join independent spaces.

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The main idea of this project was to use the landscape as a driving force that leads you to the back in which at this point is the destination where you can settle and enjoy the exterior.

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This elevated water front residence has a particular open floorplan in which the spaces under the house were unattended. We have taken this as an opportunity to create a functional garden space that leads you from the main entrance to the pool area. 

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The plants are selected to create distictinve spaces that celebrate the entrances and the terrace views of this ocean front residence.  

The side of the house has been used to create a rich pathway with tropical plants and gravel that not only invites you in but also serves as a drain field for runoff water.